The Prize


Every week on Flickr, Lonely Planet has a photo contest where the prize is a free guidebook. I voted in a few contests, then finally entered one when I thought I had a worthy shot. Somehow my entry in the “Machines” contest got enough votes to win! Since then I’ve entered every contest and barely got 2 or 3 votes. Oh well – beginners luck.

Here is the winning shot.

I’ve used LP guides on almost every recent trip of ours. Vietnam, Malaysia, Turkey, Romania and even California. Since for once, I didn’t have to pay to own the book (or return it to the library), I tried to think of a place with a heavy book (higher cover price) which we would be likely to use in the near future. Between Russia, India, and China, you can see Russia won.

As soon as I saw the pick-up slip in my mailbox I ran to the post office. Being Romania, I was sent to a different post office, then got in the wrong line, got yelled at by annoyed people, and finally picked up the package. Maybe the bureaucracy is a good warm-up for Russia.

Feb 12, 2011

Bucharest, Romania

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  1. Masih says:
    Jun 02, 2011

    That was a wicked picture! Loved it!